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Zombies Can't Jump was added on 2016-03-08

Grab your weapons & construction kit and prepare for the zombie invasion!
Challenge and fun await you in this original, nail hammering zombie defense game. Don't let the zombies get you: build your defenses sky high, collect powerful weapons and unleash your primal instincts as you fight for survival.
Battle your way through 20 challenging levels and unlock survival challenges, in the game that everyone is talking about!


Annabelle / 24 / Thailand

Fun zombie game with a lot of depth for a mobile game!

Aubrey / 45 / United Kingdom

It's a good thing zombies can't jump... or else this game would be too hard lol! Fun game that I am currently showing off to all my friends :)

Jacob / 47 / Mexico

Decent game but I'm not blown away... I expected a little bit more.